About CompSoc

CompSoc was founded in 1995 and has evolved into what it is today. We now have a room of servers and many helpful volunteers.


CompSoc is currently attempting to form a Committee for 2014/15. If you are a current student at UoM and would like to get involved, please email admin@compsoc.man.ac.uk.

Previous Committee Members


Chairman: Simon Horlick, IRC handle: horlicks

Simon is a postgrad maths student.

Treasurer: Tom Lyall, IRC handle: TomLyall

Secretary: Raymon White, IRC handle: Zwei

Ray is a first year PhD student in fluid dynamics. He claims to be from the internet. Most of his days are spent coding away and chanting numbers, on the edge of madness he is, on the edge of madness...

Matt Eustace: Matt Eustace, IRC handle: matt-useless

Matt Eustace is Matt Eustace. He knows everything there is to know about CompSoc, he even has his own title 'Matt Eustace'. Party trick: Matt can now install CentOS in his sleep.